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Creating Engaging Retail Displays

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You’ve nailed a brilliant product idea, you’ve manufactured it, now, you have to bring it to the retailer and identify ways you can make it more successful in stores! The key here is creating retail displays that will catch your customers’ attention. If your brand is new to the industry, this is extra important! Creating engaging retail displays involves many things, but three main ones include making it eye catching, creating a neat and organized display, and offering point of sale promotions.


Eye Catching

In a retail environment, it can be hard to stand out against competitors. Everyone wants the customers who come in to buy their products, so you must do something that is bold and captivating. Use bright colours on signs! It will pop in a store that is stocked full of competitors. It is natural for the human eye to be drawn to bright colours. Even a short glance by a customer can lead them to walk over and notice your amazing products.

The second eye aspect to an eye catching display is ensuring all of the text on the signage is legible. This means that if your sign is a dark colour, be sure not to use dark text as well, because it will be difficult to read. Make sure that the font is a legible and that the font size is large enough for people to read regardless of where they are in the store. Grandma should not have to pull out her glasses to see!


Neat and Organized

Once you draw customers over to your display, ensure the products are neat and organized so that they are able to see your entire collection and in hopes that at least one, if not multiple products, will catch their eyes! Lay the products out neatly or hang them so as to fully display the design and not leave customers wondering or fiddling to get an idea of the product. Customers should be able to quickly glance over your product offerings and pick up the ones that they love the most.

If products are not clearly laid out or are disorganized, you may be losing sales simply because they are not seeing a product that they want or need! Presenting a variety of products allows your display to appeal to many different groups of people — keep that in mind.


Offer Promotions

Even though you may not be present to sell your customers on your products, you can offer incentives that will close the sale, simply from what your signs say. Deals such as buy one get one free or offering a percentage off will allow customers who are on the fence about making a purchase to take the leap of faith. Those who were already set on making the purchase will be further satisfied and will become loyal customers of your brand. Satisfied customers are more likely to tell their friends about your brand and buy more in the future!


By creating in-store displays that are eye-catching, neat and organized, and offer promotions, you are sure to draw in even the toughest of critics! Once you draw them in, your amazing products will sell themselves and are sure to impress.


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