Dyed T-Shirts

To create inspiring clothing with a commitment to a sustainable future.

Listen to Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls once said, “You only have one chance at life, and you have to grab it boldly.”

The same is true if you replace the word ‘life’ with ‘stocking the fastest selling range’.

And you don’t really have to grab it boldly, you just have to take ACTION.

These t-shirts are like no other:

Oh, just one more thing …

Sure, there’s other animal tees out there.
But ask yourself, when a visitor to a game lodge/zoo/sanctuary/gift shop has just witnessed an elephant grazing, do you think they want to replicate that memory by looking for the most life-like t-shirt on the market … or a 3 colour elephant t-shirt?

Realistic, life-like designs = Booming sales … we promise.

The price of their dyed t-shirts we initially thought was a little hefty. We wondered if they were going to sell.
I can confirm that they DEFINITELY do!


Mabalingwe Game Reserve