Welcome to KOOL AFRICA, where African
inspired fashion meets sustainability, creativity, and authenticity.

As a leading supplier in the local African tourism industry, we take pride in bringing the essence of Africa to game lodges and retail stores across the region.

We believe that local fashion can be a powerful tool for cultural celebration and sustainability. That’s why all our products are meticulously designed and crafted in South Africa, honouring traditional craftsmanship, creativity while promoting local talent and supporting the communities we work with.

Whether you’re actively seeking unique souvenirs for tourists or captivating products to enhance your retail store’s offerings, KOOL AFRICA is your trusted partner. We offer exceptional wholesale options, ensuring that you have access to our high-quality African-inspired products at competitive prices.

Feel free to reach out to our dedicated team for more information, product inquiries, or to discuss partnership opportunities.


The Foschini Group (TFG) is one of South Africa’s leading fashion lifestyle brands and retailer. Their local manufacturing facility will be our brand new manufacturer of choice for a number of excellent reasons:

1) The strength of their in-house design and local manufacturing capabilities.

2) Their green initiatives: one-third of its energy needs being provided by solar energy.

3) Their bulk purchasing power of fabric.

4) There was a significant win-win. We receive an international standard garment. They have a 3rd party client who will relieve manufacturing stress in the quiet winter period.

5) We only work with people and companies we like. Sure, they’re big, but they are all pretty darn awesome people.


Kool Africa has the only Screen Printer in Africa that offers 12 original colour special discharge printing. Prints that are part of the fabric, 100% NON-Toxic and ironable. Many of our designs are done by one of The UK’s top designers. Some of our prints are the fastest selling t-shirts in the southern Africa tourism / gifting industry.


We understand that we’re not just making t-shirts, we’re helping people make memories of Africa – memories from your store. We do things that inspire us, that excite us, and that drive us to push the boundaries of t-shirts in Africa … and beyond.


Founder of Kool Africa

Being a co-founder of the largest gifting wholesaler in southern Africa, Richard has used his failures and successes over the years to set out to change the clothing landscape. With a fervent desire to impress his Chartered Accountant family, Richard has taken Kool Africa to become one of Africa’s most sought after and best-selling clothing companies. You’ll find Richard on the mountain, probably mountain biking, maybe running, definitely throwing caution to the wind, and most certainly having a cold IPA in hand after.

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